About Us

At Elite Services (2005) Ltd., we take pride in our reputation for providing high quality steelwork and engineering, and personalised farm building services in the Waikato region of New Zealand. Our staff are qualified NZ welders and engineers, committed to working safely and efficiently.

Experienced in a range of Waikato farming and building services

Elite Services can supply quality-built cow sheds, farm sheds, steel sheds, feed pads, silage bunkers, implementation/calfsheds, or specialist coatings for Waikato and Hamilton farms in New Zealand. We can also provide steelwork, sheets, NZ welding, house beams or structural steelwork for your residential or industrial building.

Find out more about our NZ steel, farm sheds and New Zealand building

Our rural, residential and industrial services include cowshed construction, farm building, industrial building, mobile engineering, a machine shop, feedpads, sumps, bunkers, maise, silage, fertiliser, and certified NZ welding. Please get in touch today to find out how Elite Services can assist with your NZ farm supplies, farm building or New Zealand steel.